Workplace Safety Today Requires Virus Protection


The Uvio Light and Virus Protection

Zgo Technologies is launching a new concept in virus protection for organizations challenged with workplace safety in the pandemic era, called Direct UVC Disinfection.

Employees, who have become virus wary, need the peace of mind that their work environment is safe as they are simply unable to focus on work responsibilities when their well-being and that of their family are at risk by being in the office.

The need for safety in the office along with the cost and disruption of a viral outbreak to businesses necessitates a serious virus mitigation strategy as part of today’s workplace safety requirements.

And as the hybrid work environment becomes the norm in many organizations, most people will share desks, which makes prevention plans even more challenging.

Direct UVC Disinfection

Is a patent pending, sleek Germicidal Disinfection Lamp that mounts tool-lessly to the top of any computer monitor.

  • Barely seen at 1” depth and height, and less than 12” long, the lamp is powered from the monitor through a USB cord (provided).
  • The Uvio Light focuses on the most vulnerable surfaces in the organization, the shared workstations, and ensures that the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of every shared workstation is directly disinfected every night so that it is virus-free and ready for the next day.
  • The UV light shines onto and directly disinfects a 48” x 24” area of the desktop, where employees are most likely to contract a virus from a potentially infected person using the desk the prior day.
  • Uvio has been tested to kill 99.9% of pathogens, including Covid-19, within a 4’ x 2’ disinfection area after 2-hours of use
  • Because it is directly over the surface area, any shadows from the light are minimized and the entire work area is disinfected.
  • The UVC Light is activated for 2-hours nightly, when the building is unoccupied, as UVC light can be harmful if directly exposed to the skin and eyes.
  • For safety, Uvio has a Dual Safety System that includes heat and proximity sensors that automatically shut the light down if anyone is working late and in the vicinity of the light.
  • Each UvioLight comes with one UVC dosimeter, which is used to verify UVC exposure of the surface. It consists of photo-chromatic ink that changes color when stimulated by UVC radiation. It is safe, effective, and only used once, which confirms that the light is working and inactivating viruses.
Uvio has been tested to kill 99.9% of pathogens in a 48” x 24” area with 2 hours of light placed above the monitor