The Uvio Programmable App




The UVC light activation is set up through a centrally controlled, programmable Wi-Fi app, downloaded to any phone, which activates all Uvio lights in the organization.

This makes it easy to program all the lights in the company in one easy step. Any phone with the correct username and password can access the lights to program and activate. Most of the time, the organization will set it up one time for all lights to engage nightly for a couple hours, for example, from 2:00 – 4:00 AM.

Uvio uses Amazon’s AWS Cognito to encrypt and protect all data so that no one can access the Wi-Fi through the Uvio App.

OSHA requires that all employers are legally obligated to provide a safe workplace. Many lawsuits were filed during the recent pandemic including wrongful death claims, which can create significant financial exposure to employers and disruption to the business. Organizations can be liable for these damages if their Workplace Safety Programs are deemed as negligent.

The Uvio App creates a disinfection record, which documents that UVC light was used nightly to disinfect every worksurface for the next days use.

This Disinfection Record is vital in helping to protect the organization in the event of any lawsuits or claims against the company for negligence as, clearly, any mitigation plan that includes Direct UVC Disinfection of all shared workstations nightly would be virtually impossible to deem as negligent.